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Add some European flair to your work history with a Dublin internship in practically any field you want. Connect-123 can offer professional working experience in Dublin across a vast array of opportunities. From politics to publishing, finance to film, Dublin has it all! Dublin is a small yet cosmopolitan city with loads to offer so check out our Dublin internships for an international experience you won’t forget.

Whatever your interest, Connect-123 can find you an internship in Dublin to match. Dublin is a small city with a big heart and even bigger opportunities. Being a European capital, there are internships to suit every candidate. Big on business, innovation, communications, culture, politics, events, and tourism, Dublin is the ideal location for interns with drive and purpose. Famed also for its friendly and fun-loving people, Dublin epitomises the work hard, play hard attitude.

What Connect 123 Interns Say

Paige Rideout
“Working as an intern in marketing not only confirmed my classroom knowledge, but also helped me to develop new skills related to my field. The Connect-123 program will challenge you, connect you and propel your professional career forward. They give you the tools necessary to succeed, so get ready!”Marketing Intern, Ball State University


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