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Explore a range of challenging international internship opportunities in Buenos Aires, Argentina that can boost your knowledge of your chosen field and potentially your Spanish language skills! Internships in Buenos Aires range from journalism to health care to economic development and even film and photography. Take a look at our internships in Buenos Aires and work with Connect-123 staff to find the right fit for you.

Our local team in Buenos Aires keeps its ear close to the ground. With connections to an extensive network of local organizations, hospitals, schools and private companies, we are aware of interesting projects, initiatives and campaigns before they happen – meaning we can identify the best internship opportunity for you! If you are keen to improve your Spanish, opportunities can be arranged that require intermediate to advanced levels of Spanish. However, English speaking opportunities are also available, meaning you can get a full international internship experience and pick up a few words at your own pace!

What Connect 123 Interns Say

Paige Rideout
“Working as an intern in marketing not only confirmed my classroom knowledge, but also helped me to develop new skills related to my field. The Connect-123 program will challenge you, connect you and propel your professional career forward. They give you the tools necessary to succeed, so get ready!”Marketing Intern, Ball State University


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