IIN Inaugural Newsletter: New Beginnings

Welcome to Volume 2 of iin the news! We're extremely grateful for the contributions of Brett Steembarger, Connect 123; Diana van Woerkom, Australian Internships; and Michael True, Intern Qube for their insightful contributions to this edition of the Newsletter. Work has already begun on the next edition, feel free to send in your story ideas to

IIN Inaugural Newsletter: New Beginnings

Welcome to the inaugural International Internship Network Newsletter. Every year, tens of thousands of students take part in a Work Integrated Learning experience. The goal of the newsletter is to highlight the field of international internships and the Students, High Schools, Universities, Colleges, Employers, and 3rd Party Providers who facilitate them. Please contact, if you have a story to share. Have a healthy and prosperous 2022!

IIN Inaugural Speaker Event: The Intersection of the Future of Work and Internships

December 9, 2021 - Inaugural Speaker Series Session: The Intersection of The Future of Work and Internships, Sponsored by International Experience Canada (IEC). Hamza Khan headlined a great discussion on the evolution of the workplace and internships. He shared actionable insights on resilience, productivity, and leadership to help people and organizations thrive in the future of work.
Contact with suggested topics or speakers for future sessions and/or inquire about sponsorship opportunities.

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